1 Ingredient DIY Wet Wipes

After the birth of Lucas, I came to look for a DIY wet wipes recipe as it became apparent, and uncomfortable that the eczema break out on my hands could be from the wet ones. 

We were using Huggies, the aloe vera & cucumber wet ones, which we used with our first son Dylan, but at the time I generally had varying degrees of eczema on both my hands and feet. It started in 2008, and I was originally told it was tinea, then I was told it was ring worm… Basically I couldn’t get rid of it because I didn’t actually know what it was. Fast forward to 2016 when I was toilet training my son and he got a rash on his hands… I thought, goodness have I given him tinea? Well why hasn’t my partner caught it from me?

So I took him to the Doctors and it was diagnosed as eczema. I was given a hand out and also a prescription for steroids (for my 2year old)…. It was at this time I realised I had eczema too!

But rather than fill the script for the steroids, I thought, what if it’s the soap…? possibly due to washing his hands so much more frequently because we are toilet training? Bingo. Changed the soap. His hands cleared up.

Unfortunately it wasn’t that straight forward for me. In fact it wasn’t until early this year maybe April 2017,  I was pregnant and I removed nail polish from my toes and didn’t reapply it due to morning sickness. Presto it was gone from both my feet AND my hands! At the time though, I didn’t realised I was using substantially less wet wipes due to my son toilet training.

So I downloaded an app called Chemical Maze as was recommended by my friend Lisa over at Plant Power Mojo and quickly found that most of the ingredients in Huggies wet ones (and others on the market) can cause reactions. .

Anyway…. So here we are making our own 1 ingredient wet ones… and I am glad to say, that 2 weeks after switching to these 1 ingredient wet ones, my hands and feet are completely clear of eczema!

So why one ingredient? Well due to my first sons soap allergy I’m a little cautious regarding soap, not only that I figure if it gets my baby’s butt clean with 1 ingredient, which I can also easily find organic, then why not?

1 Ingredient Wet Wipes

Here is what you’ll need;

  • Container for your wet ones/ wipes that will fit half a paper towel roll. (with a lid)
  • 1 Paper towel (which will make 2 batches of wet wipes)
  • 1 tbsp Coconut oil
  • 1 Cup of Boiled water
  • Knife & cutting board to cut your paper towel

1 Ingredient Wet WipesBefore you cut your paper towel in half, flick the kettle on!

1 Ingredient Wet WipesPop one half into your jar or container.

1 Ingredient Wet Wipes
You’ll need a tablespoon of coconut oil.
1 Ingredient Wet Wipes

From the kettle pour about 1 cup of hot water and stir your coconut oil in thoroughly. 1 Ingredient Wet Ones

Now pour it over your paper towel, I didn’t use a full cup on my roll as I bought the thinner rolls from Aldi as they would fit into my glass jar easier. You want the paper towel to be wet but not dripping wet. 1 Ingredient Wet Ones

After it cools a little you’ll be about to pull out the roll in the middle. 1 Ingredient Wet Ones

Like this!
1 Ingredient Wet Ones

To use the wet wipes pull them out from the centre. I have found it they aren’t too wet (my partner made the last batch a bit wet), I sort of had the knack of pulling the out then whipping them out and they would break off on the side of the jar. Otherwise it may be easier to pull out the wet ones and have ready before you change baby and need to wipe his butt..

1 Ingredient Wet Ones        DIY  wet wipes

And there you go, your home made 1 ingredient wet ones, safe for your hands, safe for baby.

Thanks for reading,
Hope x

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  1. Justine @ Little Dove | 19th Jan 18

    Thanks for sharing, I like how you used the paper towels like that, so smart!

    • hope | 19th Jan 18

      Thanks, I wondered if using 3 ply toilet paper will work, might be too soft/ thin but I think I’ll give it a shot next time 🙂

  2. Lisa | 18th Jan 18

    This is great. I still use these all the time and my kids are older now.

    • hope | 19th Jan 18

      Hey Lisa, Great for easy clean up 🙂

  3. Jennifer Maune | 18th Jan 18

    WOW! I simple and clever. Thanks for sharing this info!!

    • hope | 19th Jan 18

      back to basics x

  4. Suzanne Hines | 18th Jan 18

    This is great! You make it look so simple, and this would be so useful (and so much safer with all those ingredients!!) Thanks for sharing!

    • hope | 19th Jan 18

      You’re welcome Suzanne, thanks for commenting!

  5. Haley | 18th Jan 18

    This is a great idea!!

    • hope | 19th Jan 18

      Thanks Haley 🙂

  6. Steph | 18th Jan 18

    I need to try this! No kids in diapers anymore but we always still need wet wipes!

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