Firewood Organisation Rack

I couldn’t wait until next winter to share my firewood organisation rack!

Why wait until next winter you ask? Valid question, and I’ll get to that 🙂

This organisation rack was a real game changer this past winter. I’d had similar ideas pinned and knew this would look great … however the best thing about having this firewood rack this past year was actually because I was pregnant! … and my man is FIFO (fly in / fly out) – basically he’s only home half the time and that means I’d be carting stacks of wood inside during my second trimester and part of my third trimester. Nope!

Hubby already had some scrap metal and has all the kit to weld, so just add castor wheels and a days work and presto!

We were now able to load it up at the door on the day he flew in and the day he flew out, then we just wheeled it to it’s new home next to the fire place. No more lugging wood back and forth and no putting bub at risk with heavy lifting…

I saw different ideas but knew ours had to incorporate a spot for paper and kindling, and as you can see it does.


So what would I change?

Well as much as I love love love our firewood organiser exactly as it is (even unpainted)…. Next winter after we’ve used up what is here I’ll get my hubby and his amazing skills to do a couple things and that includes:

  • Put another bar or mesh between the firewood and the kindling, to stop the firewood cut shorter spilling into the kindling section.
  • Insert another bar or mesh on the far side to stop firewood falling out the side.
  • Add a link or safety latch / strap to the wall to prevent the firewood rack being pulled over (as our littlest bub (now 12 weeks could be walking by next winter – though let’s pray he takes a bit longer than that lol!)
  • Create a shelf in the firewood section at the top, using the same blue bars and mesh as the shelf. This will be to hold a couple small baskets with matches, firelighters, gloves, the cushion I kneel on while lighting the fire and the dustpan and brush!

The shelf would be about the height from where the paper is stacked to, but above where the wood is stacked (as we wouldn’t generally stack the timber higher than how It is pictured due to it ending up too heavy to move).

Here’s a summary of what materials and tools were used:


  • 20mmx20mm box tubing (which we had from an old gate)
  • 4 castor wheels form Bunnings which cost about $65 for all 4 – they all rotate and have brakes.
  • Welding wire / rods (which again we had already)


  • Welder
  • Grinder

Fireplace Organisation, Firewood Rack, Firewood Stand

So what do you think? A little inspiration for your own firewood organisation project? Hope so 🙂

Will love for you to share your photos of how you keep the fire place and your firewood organised! Please post to my Facebook or tag me in on Instagram🙂

Have a great day,

Hope 🙂


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