Laundry Organisation – Lonely Socks Line!

I’m an organisation nut. I admit it. To an outsider it may appear that I am a motivated tidy freak, in fact I’m not. Ok maybe I can’t relax if I can feel dirt on the bottom of my feet, but clean is different to tidy. Sure I like things tidy, but I’m not tidy by nature. No, no, no. I am a messy cook, a messy worker. Terrible I know. Must be that creative side of me.

Anyway, what I do love is systems that make things and life easier. Especially repetitive things such as housework and laundry!!!  And especially if they look nice, and allow me to do something creative (me time).

Behold. Our lonely sock matcher-up-erer. No not an original idea on my part, totally Pinterest inspired.

When I saw it, I was like, hell YES we need this in our house. And for the past maybe 18months we’ve been using the sock clothes line (without the actual sign on top) and yes it is very effective in matching up lost and lonely socks. Even socks I have put on the bottom line (which I call sock death row)… surprisingly even those ones turn up!

After seeing a few crafty supplies at K-Mart I thought, I could do this without having to make a trip to Spotlight –  it’s time to make the sign!

After an 18 month hiatus from Facebook I returned with no friends (haha, yes I permanently deleted it)… But I rejoined to advertise my partners Pantry Door Organisers on the buy & sell pages… and I came across a group called Kmart Hacks or Kmart Mums (or both I think). Which is where I saw this contact… Yeah… It’s not planks of timber stuck together and painted like the signs I made for my man’s “Man Cave” or “Dad’s Bar”… So I thought, stuff it, for $3 I’ll give it a go. So easy to apply, no waiting for each coat/ colour of paint to dry. Awesome. The letters and pegs were also from Kmart.

Here is a summary of what I used, where I got it from and the cost.


Clothes Line

  • Mini Pegs: Spotlight Shamrock Craft Shamrock Mini Pegs Natural – $5.99  I already had these in my supplies
  • String: Honestly can’t remember where I got this as I’ve had it a while, possibly spotlight?
  • Frame: and old canvas picture which I pulled the canvas and staples off/ out.
  • Screws (we already had, I’d say a couple of $ from Bunnings!
  • White Chalk Paint – also from Bunnings, but I had some so didn’t have to buy.

Tools I used

  • Drop saw to cut the pine (although I think Bunnings will cut it for you)
  • Glue gun for letters
  • Ruler for smoothing out
  • Small drill and screw driver for putting screws in
  • Scalpel for cutting string and contact

There you are. Would love to see what you come up with! Please follow me on Facebook and post your photos there, or tag me in on instagram!

Hope 🙂

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I’m a SAHM that enjoys organising the home, parenting and sharing ideas.


  1. Steph | 17th Jan 18

    Really cute! Better than my basket of he unmated ones that we can’t find!

  2. Vy | 17th Jan 18

    So cute and simple to make! Love it. Definitely helps to keep those MIA socks organized

  3. Lyndsey | 17th Jan 18

    what an adorable solution for missing socks! thanks for sharing this!

  4. Maya | 17th Jan 18

    How has no one else thought of this! This is too freaking cute! Love it!

  5. Arin | 17th Jan 18

    This is so cute!! I should hang one in the cubby over my washer…however I feel like they would mostly be gross grown man socks lol!

  6. April@LoveOurRealLife | 16th Jan 18

    This is so cute! I think EVERY home could use one of these;-)

  7. Jenn | 16th Jan 18

    What a genius idea! I need to create one for my laundry room! I can’t stand it when socks get lost.

  8. Sam | 16th Jan 18

    Ah, such a cute idea! I need this for my laundry room!!!!!

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